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Jake Milliner returns to the spotlight with "Freddie's Winning Hand"

Keep an eye on Jake Milliner. The London beat maker splashed on the scene last year with his debut LP Bernie Says and after taking some time to contribute production to Yazmin Lacey’s soulful Morning Matters EP earlier this year, he is back at the forefront with his latest single “Freddie’s Winning Hand.” Recorded during the recent lockdown, the new track features a guest spot from the North Carolina-based keyboardist Howard McNair and is out on Melting Pot Music.

A single like “Freddie Winning Hand” shows why Milliner’s work behind the dials has been increasingly in demand lately. The production shows his mastery of understated boom-bap with a fuzzy, stank face-inducing synth bass and splashy snare sounds that will keep heads nodding throughout. McNair’s touch on the keys offers a fitting counterpart to Milliner’s thumping beat with a combination of lyrical melodies and soulful improvising. The clean production on “Freddie’s Winning Hand,” mixed with the gritty energy and delivery, make for an enjoyable track that suggests we’ll be hearing more and more from Milliner in the future.

"Freddie's Winning Hand" is available to download here.

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Feature · Hip-Hop · Instrumental · R&B


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