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A-Trak & Dave1 debut "Give Love to Get Some" as The Brothers Macklovitch

A-Trak and Dave 1 of Chromeo have remained notoriously related throughout both of their careers in music. Their journeys have been parallel: for A-Trak, it's been his journey through defining DJing, hip-hop and disco, and for Dave 1, paving the way in retro live electronic music, never being "officially" on a project together. Though they've played shows, done a remix here and there, it isn't until now that the two have officially linked up on a new original as The Brothers Macklovitch, and it proves worth the wait.

"Give Love to Get Some" combines both artists' sensibilities, landing on worldly horn samples, retro percussion, and an impeccable smoothness. The not quite disco final product leaves us to imagine a world where we could freely travel to Nice or Greece, wrapped in a gorgeous bow by vocalist Leven Kali to tie everything together in a jazzy, perfect bow.
"Give Love to Get Some" is now out via A-Trak's own Fool's Gold Records.

Connect with A-Trak: SoundCloud | Instagram
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