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A-Trak and Dave 1 are playing an under the radar show at an iconic NYC museum

A few years ago, New York City's American Museum of Natural History launched a weekend winter party series. Way ahead of the now uber trendy parties at locations like MOMA PS1, the parties are hosted each month and welcome a new line up of DJs to spin in the open Rose Center for Earth and Space. If you've attended these parties before, you might recall that aside from a view of the museum, you can head up the "Cosmic Pathway" and check out the Hayden Big Bang Theater to see a Liam Neeson-narrated space film. 

This month, the DJs gracing the One Step Beyond party has been hanging out under the radar, going by a name you might not have heard before (until you think about it for a second). The Brothers Macklovitch will be making their debut together this Friday, February 3rd. Now, you might not have heard of The Brothers Mackolvitch before, and that's because this name has only been applied to them colloquially. Separately, the guys have booming careers as A-Trak and Dave 1 of Chromeo. Both of the Montreal-born and bred stars have had their share of moments in the spotlight, but it's rare that we get them together.

Until word gets out, tickets are available here.

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