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Glassio delivers hopeful dance anthem "Make No Mistake"

As the world enters a summer unlike any other in our lifetime, people are searching for that same positive energy that comes from seasonal anthems. We may not be able to attend music festivals or forget our fears in crowded clubs, but thank God we can still find relief through new music. From Queens, NY comes artist Glassio with new single “Make No Mistake.” The project of Irish-Iranian producer Sam R., Glassio once again separates himself from his electronic counterparts with a tenacious dream-pop track that serves a deeper purpose.

Although the rhythm has an undeniable ability to make you dance around your bedroom, “Make No Mistake’ holds more than that catchy electronic pulse. The lyrics “I’ll fight the wars outside and pray” point directly to the awareness of current climates and uncertainty surrounding them. Between lengthy electronic measures sans vocals, verses talk about championing those persevering through events going on outside their doors.

The marches and demonstrations against police brutality happening around the world these past several days are a spot-on example of those standing against injustice or fighting for peace. I think about this specifically listening to these lyrics about praying for courage. Accompanied by fellow NY singer Daneshevskaya, Glassio tells the world he is fighting the wars, the injustice, or whatever it may be. In the word “pray” I hear a hopefulness for a better future. So whether you’re looking for a club-reminiscent ear-worm, or an upbeat theme for strength, “Make No Mistake” delivers.

Glassio's debut LP For The Very Last Time drops July 23rd. 

Connect with Glassio: Instagram | Twitter | Spotify 

Dreampop · Electro Pop · Pop


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[…] Glassio delivers hopeful dance anthem "Make No Mistake" […]