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Evenson finds the strength to reveal his sincerest self in “SOS”

Finding yourself stuck on the Flatirons (rock formations near Boulder Colorado) for 17 and 1/2 hours really challenges you to re-examine your life. Not knowing if he would make it down the mountain, it forced Evenson to take a good look at what he truly wanted. Now pursuing music full time, he is writing and recording powerful and evocative hits such as his latest exhilarating release “SOS.” With bold, brassy arrangements and gritty, determined vocals the track fuels that fire in all of us to be fearless in displaying our most genuine selves. Evenson’s single is a commanding representation of what he calls in his press release an “ego death.” Obtaining a confidence he hadn’t previously possessed, “SOS” is Evenson’s way of expressing his choice to stay true to himself.

The 21-year-old artist makes a daring mark with his innovative indie pop. Fine with not fitting the typical norm, the singer reveals, “Being black and making indie pop music doesn't necessarily fit the mold and I love that. Indie pop is the music that I love and want to make but people my color still feel the pressure to resort to making music that is ‘hot’ in the community so they resort to hopping onto a wave that they can't keep up with because waves come and go.” Delivering all the soul of Khalid and the creative passion of Billie Eilish, his music takes listeners on an intense ride. Check out the courageous anthem of authenticity “SOS” now.

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