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Akemi Fox continues to rise up, with new single "Lemon Tea"

As the world around us changes rapidly, music has been the one constant. The Instagram live artist battles that Verzuz have been hosting have been historic, with the likes of Nelly, Ludacris, Scott Storch and RZA all taking part. One of the most anticipated clashes however was the one between Jill Scott and Erykah Badu. It was hugely important, especially in terms of showing that women are as important, if not more important than their male counterparts. Today we feature a songstress who's style has elements of the great Erykah, yet is carving her own path in her own way. Akemi Foxx is one of the UK's best kept secrets, but someone who's been seeing her fanbase grow with each release.

Her latest single "Lemon Tea" oozes those Neo-Soul vibes that we've come to love. Channeling her inner Badu, Akemi's soft, soothing vocals slide across the laid back instrumental, produced by her musical partner Teo. Atmospheric guitar chords echo behind calm keyboard melodies and groovy drum patterns. Lyrically Akemi's words yearn about being in love. “Your my lemon tea, you're all I need in me, you got the right ideas will you hold on to me", she croons, almost putting you in a trance. This latest single is just another example of why the Manchester born songbird is highly regarded amongst her peers. Not only does "Lemon Tea" add another gem to her crown, but it's also an instant addition to ANY chilled playlist. This one needs to be played loud.

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Neo-Soul · U.K.


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