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Jack Conway will meet his soulmate "Eventually"

Jack Conway dropped a completely phenomenal new single "Eventually."  This Los Angeles artist, originally from Indiana, charms us all with his alluring words and enchanting vocal delivery. 
Earlier this month, Conway released the visual for his sweet song "Easy." He is now back to captivate us with yet another single that reaches our hearts in the most endearing way. "Eventually" is tastefully titled. Gracefully singing poetic lyrics, Conway pulls our heart-strings as he chants about what a future with the love of his life would be like. Intelligently using powerful metaphors and vivid imagery, we feel alive through passionate music as he takes us on his heart's journey. With his angelic voice, he powerfully serenades our souls. Sonically, the gentle and soft tunes of the piano perfectly complement his impassioned voice. Press play and dedicate this track to your soulmate...or your future soulmate, eventually. 
Connect with Jack Conway: Instagram | Twitter | Spotify 


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