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Jerk explores new realms on impressive new single "In Orbit"

While the cross-pollination of genres is increasingly commonplace, the musical entity Jerk has been steadily etching out a unique sonic identity that lives somewhere between jazz, hip-hop, and worlds beyond. The brainchild of Brooklyn saxophonist and producer Joshua Kinney, the five-piece band that makes up Jerk has a trio of EPs and a beat tape under their belt thus far, but now they are preparing for the release of a new, more jazz-leaning album entitled Some Cosmic Shift. To preview the new LP, which will be released on DeepMatter, Jerk has delivered the first single from the project, a dreamy instrumental track called “In Orbit.”

From the opening moments of the new single, the stellar musicianship of Jerk is made abundantly clear with tasteful delivery that transports the listener into a cosmic plane. They cultivate the sophisticated yet inviting vibe with gripping beats and minimal melodies, offering a delicious blend of musical chops and laid back energy. Just as we’re being lulled into the song’s absorbing atmosphere, though, the group elevates into another gear with a frenetic drumbeat while a synth takes over the trumpet melody, showcasing the group’s effortless versatility. It’s easy to tell from Jerk’s previous work that they have overflowing talent and style, and with the live instrumentation and powerful vibes on “In Orbit,” their latest music shows new levels of their potential.

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