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Fiji Blue releases vibrant new single "Butterflies"

Indie pop duo Fiji Blue is slowly showing that their success to date is no accident. With only six songs out, their newest single "Butterflies" might just be their best. 

"Butterflies" is about the physical feeling of being in love, specifically referencing a relationship that leads to an anxious excitement. Even with relatable lyrics, it's the track's sonics that make it special. The airy synths bring this idea of "butterflies" to life, as the chorus hears the song take flight and brings the listener on the journey of a butterfly. The way that the song embodies its title is no accident, and is part of what makes Fiji Blue so special. There are layers to this idea of "butterflies," and Fiji Blue carefully places them within a nearly three minute time frame. 

The LA-based duo has released a string of singles that always impress, but never leave the listener surprised at their talents. They make music that doesn't stay in a genre box, but that consistently sounds put together and uniquely them. Press play on "Butterflies" up above and check out Fiji Blue on their socials below. 

Connect with Fiji Blue: Twitter | SoundCloud | Instagram 

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