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J-Steph just wants us to have good "Karma"

Rising Portland artist and producer J-Steph has dropped an infatuating new track "Karma." Through the illusive beats and simple yet fun songwriting, peace and tranquility fills the air the moment you press play. 
Lately, J-Steph has been on a roll when it comes to dropping singles. Taking full advantage of this unfortunate free time, he's managed to release multiple new tracks including the acclaimed single "Miss Quarantine." His new single "Karma" sees the artists yearning for something beautiful to arrive, as he ignites our imagination and alleviates our worries through pleasing songwriting. The laid-back sound of the music easily sets us free from reality even if only for a few seconds. Through the dreamy beats and feel-good lyrics, "Karma" undeniably feels like we can escape to a fantasy world, even for just a few minutes. 
Connect with J-Steph: Instagram | Twitter | Spotify 


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