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Rove Ranger joins Lobster Theremin with rave-ready "101010" EP

Germany’s Rove Ranger has joined Lobster Theremin with a four-track EP of heavy-hitting, trance-infused techno cuts. Following a contribution to LOBSTER PLUR Volume 1 back in March, it was only a matter of time before he returned with a full EP.

Hard, fast, and most importantly fun, Rover Ranger has got things down to a tee. Opening track “1998” has a distinctly old-school sound to it; heavy on the percussion, frantically choppy vocals and blistering pace pull together to make a track which will be melting dancefloors everywhere once they’re open again. Title track “101010” is an unwavering melter that never lets up. The four-to-the-floor bassline and rattling percussion give “101010” a raw, dark edge to it - it’s high-intensity European warehouse music.

“In My Mind” is straight up, guaranteed dancefloor euphoria. Soft but entrancing vocals and elated melodies give the track that blissful house sound, with the driving force of a techno track — what more could you want with summer on the way? It’s a sunrise tune if ever there was one. The final track, “Schaltkreis,” ramps things straight back up to where “101010” left off. Although it’s hard to pinpoint a stand-out when each track is so impressive, this would have to be it. Trance-y stabs and a growing sense of urgency as the relentless bassline unwinds weave together to bring us a memorable experience.

101010 can be streamed and purchased via Bandcamp.

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