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JINKA shares the elastic pop single "No Anything Else"

Transylvanian producer JINKA shares her latest glossy, futuristic pop single "No Anyone Else". Overflowing with sleek autotuned vocals and matrix-level visuals, the track is a clear insight into the world of an artist breaking the mold.

Featuring elasticised production and atmospheric bass notes, "No Anyone Else" is an addictive slice of electronic-infused pop. Littered with glittering synths and corrosive sonics, the track breaks all the typical boundaries of pop music. Sequenced with heavy thuds and light electronic patterns, the single catapults JINKA into the forefront of pop alongside the likes of Kim Petras and Charli XCX. Recently selected for the new Spotify RADAR program, JINKA's brand of shiny, elasticised pop is something which we're soon to see a lot more of. Creating one of the finest earworms of the year, I for one can't wait to hear even more bops.

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