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Chief have "No Cares" on latest single

After a metamorphosis, Indianapolis natives Chief continue to impress with their jubilant take on pop-rock, a great leap from their successes as metal band Forevermore. Merely a handful of singles into their new venture, the four-piece are sounding rightfully confident as they masterfully syphon the most emphatic elements of 70's and 80's rock through their cutting edge pop lens.

"No Cares" is a quintessential pop anthem, "our aim was to put something out that was both energetic and easy to listen to,"​ they offer in a recent press release. Shrowded in a neon-tinged atmosphere, slick guitar licks and grooving synths set an infectious rhythm against the punching backbone of the drums, laying the perfect foundation for the soaring, indelible vocal. All multi-instrumentalists in their own right, all elements work in total synergy which adds to the already palpable energy.

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