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Trope breathes new life into Tears For Fears hit “Shout”

It is no small task resurrecting an 80’s juggernaut such as “Shout”, but Trope have done just that. The Los Angeles based band have cast some of their alt-rock necromancy to breath new life into the beloved 1984 Tears For Fears hit, painting the song in an enticing and shadowy aura.

“Shout” is the lead single from Trope’s debut album Eleutheromania and their new vision is nothing short of a spectacle. The lyrics have a resonating message of defying those that would oppress us and finding our own self-worth, which is powerfully conveyed throughout their epic new music video. The video, directed and filmed by Stuart Whelan, shows singer Diana Studenberg emerge to join her band, playing amongst the confines of ominous concrete pillars in a moody and gritty industrial setting. The video then beautifully transitions as Studenberg wilfully walks towards the rooftop in a mesmerizing nighttime cityscape. Their cover reaches its climax as the video explodes with a huge lighting rig and thunderous unison riff from the band (which can probably be seen and heard from space.)

Trope saw the inner beauty and potential of this empowering and downright cathartic song and through their colossal production and towering arrangement, they gave "Shout" the recognition it truly deserves. 

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