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Christopher Kah takes us deep into the recesses of warehouse techno in 'ECHO001'

French producer Christopher Kah is unafraid, delving deep into the recesses of warehouse techno for an exhilarating expedition in his newest release ECHO001. The EP is a kickstart to his new ECHO LIVE project, partnering with Roland SYNTH + AIRA to bring a new live set concept with only two machines: the brand new Roland MC-707 and Roland TR-8S.

"Wasteland" opens the compilation with thunderous percussion, instantaneously transporting us into a deafening warehouse reverie of despotism and raw energy. The driving oscillations of the mix is the main contributing factor to its high-energy, weighty output, building into something even more fierce as haunting vocals make their way into the heat of the tension. In "Night District", Kah dips the number into acid, slithering synths unsheathed in all its glory as rattling shakes reverberated throughout. The consistency in its modulated progression gives way to a fulfilling plateau of shimmering bass grooves and subtle vocal stabs, driving itself forward as the perfect otherworldly conclusion to ECHO001.

Kah has shot two clips to give an insight into this new live concept, one in a disused factory and the other in a minimalist studio, with the focus of this project being on his live set as seen below.


A native of Elsass in France, Christopher Kah is a self-taught, multi-talented multi-instrumentalist. An obsessive student of sound, Kah's roots in electronic music can be traced back to an early appreciation of industrial techno — a strand of music that still greatly influences his productions to this very day. Aside from releases on his own imprint, Highwav, Kah has also represented some of the techno scene's most credible and renowned outlets, from Dave Clarke's White Noise to Terence Fixmer's Planete Rouge and DJ Hells Gigolo Records.

Buy/stream ECHO001 here.


Connect with Christopher Kah: SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

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