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Don Neil lets us know that everything is going to "Be Alright"

Don Neil releases an enthralling new track "Be Alright." This artist from Baltimore, Maryland succeeds in putting a smile on all of our faces, especially if we were having a bad day.

Since 2017, Don has been growing his name in the music scene. His single "Hey Donnie" caught the attention of many and his new track "Be Alright" will undeniably do the same thing. A breath of fresh air, the lively beats from Long Live Kikin are sonically pleasing electronic sounds. Coupled with alluring and positive lyrics, he puts us all at easy by delivering a comforting performance. By turning this song on, it's easy to to tap into our emotions and set our souls free even if only for a few minutes. 
Connect with Don Neil: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook 
Dance · Dancehall · Hip-Hop · Tech House


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