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Neon Brown narrates the multi-layered history of American cultural through new instrumental project 'L'appel du Vide'

Producer Neon Brown's newest release entitled L'appel du Vide is a masterful 20-track body of work that explores the dynamics of modern America from the outside looking in. The project is layered with numerous vocal snippets and narrations that dwell on various facets of American society. The title refers to the urge and intrigue to destroy oneself - a theme that Browns feels represents modern America, structured in a way that plays out like a Greek tragedy.

From the opening title track that introduces the listener to the inner workings of the United States to the civil rights expounding cut "Muckraker," Brown takes the listener on a sonic adventure of epic proportions. The thing is, while there’s a serious tonality to the affair, the project itself is not without its bright moments. Take the stunning standout track, “Love Is Not Lost,” for example. Built around earworm-y samples and clever nods to hip-hop legends, the instrumental takes on a life of its own without saying so much as a word. The same goes for other highlights like the solemn/reflective textures of  “The Shatter” and the insidious vibes on “Candy.”
The release of L’appel du Vide coincides with Brown’s other brand-new project, a limited-edition 7-inch record featuring collaborations with Vursatyl (of Lifesavas) and deejay Red C as well as Trailer Limon.

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Hip-Hop · Instrumental · Main Stage


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