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Maya Law returns with melancholy soul on "Tired"

It’s time to get familiar with the name Maya Law. The U.K. artist first showed her impressive vocal skills in 2016 with the EP Her or Him and has now come out with her first new release in some time, a reflective single entitled “Tired.” With a soulful style and captivating vocals, the new track offers an important reminder that Law’s talents will definitely make listeners take notice.

"Tired" finds Law’s narrator grappling with the fallout of a broken relationship and the instrumentals follow in that mood, but through it all, her striking vocals carry the energy forward, jumping out of the mix with her effortlessly expressive delivery. The succinct, understated arrangement keeps the attention on her vocals, both in her honest verses and the beautifully layered background parts. Collaborator Freya Roy makes a brief but impactful contribution with a fittingly mournful guitar solo toward the end of the song. With “Tired,” Maya Law delivers an effective composition with a confident and subtly passionate artistic voice. None of us should be surprised when we start hearing her name more often in the near future.

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Feature · Neo-Soul · R&B · Soul


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