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Kemba flexes his poetic lyricism in new track "Pisces"

The powerful Bronx rapper Kemba flexes his poetic lyricism and masterful delivery in his latest track "Pisces." 
"Pisces" reminds everyone that hip-hop originated in The Bronx - just in case someone may have forgotten. Bringing nothing but heat to the table, we feel the undeniable strength and influence that the Kendrick Lamar-approved artist infuses into his music.  Through the intense bars, Kemba is able to turn his pain into words so effortlessly to creates meaningful music with deeper and personal meaning. "Pisces" is cleverly infused with metaphors and similes as Kemba raps about his cultural environment. Intelligently choosing eerie beats, he takes us on a journey through the dark. After all, Kemba has found the light inside of him and he isn't afraid to let it shine. 
Connect with Kemba: Spotify | Twitter | Instagram 
Hip-Hop · Rap


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