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Victoria Taylor blends pop and R&B with "Emotions"

New York-based singer/songwriter Victoria Taylor creates music inspired by her musical family, Italian heritage, and summer trips to Italy. Infusing pop with EDM and R&B, her musical style reflects her positive spirit and Mediterranean warmth while also giving us these whimsical and catchy tunes. Last month the singer debuted a fiery pop anthem to ignite the dance floor, a track called “Got Me Moving.” Her latest single brings the energy down with “Emotions.” It’s a cute and playful tune that captures the whirlwind of feelings of falling in love.

“Emotions” not only impresses with booming soulful vocals, but it also shows off her passion for writing modern pop. Its R&B and dance flair creates an energy that lends itself to summer and warm weather. Layers of echoing vocals and synths create a sense of euphoria within the track’s sunny, uplifting melodies. Coming together with Taylor’s polished vocals, “Emotions” is a fun little tune that will leave you craving a sun-filled vacation complete with summer romance. Find “Emotions” out now and look for more from Victoria Taylor, including an EP later this year.

Connect with Victoria Taylor: Spotify | Instagram | Twitter

Dance · Indie Dance · Pop · R&B


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