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ZØYA finds courage in letting go with new single “Outrageous”

Spirited singer-songwriter ZØYA shares the power of healing through her passionate and entrancing sound. Her latest single “Outrageous” glows with dazzling synths gliding beneath raw, gritty vocals. The track is an emotive narration of an abusive relationship and finding the strength to walk away. Detailing the importance of setting boundaries and valuing your self-worth, the song illustrates the blatant disrespect and belittling she consistently received.  ZØYA reveals in her press release, “I had to choose to say no to a “toxic stranger”, and never allow that person to hurt me and/or emotionally abuse me (whether it was verbally or non-verbally) even when it was difficult to let that person go.”

The stunningly, cinematic visuals directed by Anastasia Lebedeva and Anna Yulina showcase ZØYA’s blind trek across the salt flats. Greeted by a masked man, she must use her wits to outsmart him. Cleverly tying his shoelaces together, ZØYA is able to take back her power and he eventually collapses to the ground.  

ZØYA was born in Pinsk, Belarus, but grew up in Columbus, Ohio. Raised in a Christian household, she was submerged in worship, gospel, and jazz music. From a young age, it was very clear she had an exceptional gift for songwriting and poetry. A true storyteller at heart, her songs lead listeners on a moving journey. Having faced deeply personal struggles, especially in her teens, her hope is that her music will inspire others to be vulnerable in acknowledging the hardships of their own.

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