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nøll drops evocative new single "The Deep"

Los Angeles based producer nøll is here to take you on a raw, emotional journey with his latest offering, "The Deep." Out now via MrSuicideSheep's Found/Red label, "The Deep" effortlessly presents a cinematic voyage painted with delicate sonic textures and brooding sensibility. 

In nøll's own words, the track aims to capture the feeling of emptiness one drowned in, in "a turbulent relationship where one tries to escape but is constantly dragged back in by force of the waves." Sonically, it creates an immersive atmosphere right from the start with a calming topline and melancholy chord progressions, tapping into your frontal lobes. A dream-like state lingers atop multi-layers of carefully arranged elements, as the progressive build shines under the raw lyricism. When the bass is finally unleashed, fluttering arpeggios and emotive drums blend seamlessly to set up a hypnotizing soundscape.

Nøll also noted in an email to emphasize the importance of the inspiration he got from the orchestra for this release, "I started playing violin at 6 years old and grew up playing in orchestras my whole life. After giving up competitive playing in college, I ended up producing almost every genre of music until now. It's taken me a while to develop a signature sound, and it's so interesting that I've come full circle, back to orchestral arrangements. I just love the fullness and harmonic complexity that big string parts can convey."

Stream/buy the record here.

Connect with nøll: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | SoundCloud

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