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Cruel Hearts Club share the biting "Suck It Up"

Amidst the festival cancellations and uproar related to the gender gap often found within the lineups, Cruel Hearts Club is a much needed confrontational, female voice that cuts through the noise. Defying the norm at every stage, the London-based trio channel the true grit of the punk ethos and latest, "Suck It Up" is the perfect introduction to that.

A stadium-sized riff sets the tone, shortly followed by vocalist Edie Langley's steely gaze and iconic delivery grabbing your attention by the scruff of its neck. Their swaggering delivery salubriously carries you into the anthemic chorus, rife with melody and closes out with a tongue-in-cheek cheerleader style vocal.

On the surface "Suck It Up" comes across like an antagonistic three minutes of punk, but scratch that surface to find that it "is about escaping a monotonous world and beginning a new life, without the judgement and closed-minded old-world views projected onto humanity," they outline in a recent press release. With a release of this calibre, let's hope Cruel Hearts Club continue to dismantle old-world views for many years to come.

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Grunge · Indie · Punk


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