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Ed Prosek shares the incredibly heartwarming "Mercy"

Overflowing with emotive, dulcet tones, the latest single from Berlin-based artist Ed Prosek is a journey through a fluid narrative of his adoration for songwriting. Drawing on classical concepts, "Mercy" is a single filled with warmth and lustrous melodies. 

Unearthing a concoction of emotions that only talented songwriters are capable of, Ed pulls at the heartstrings throughout the track. With its husky, folk-inspired vocals and uplifting melodies, "Mercy" is a rousing insight into the mind of a beautiful soul. Creating a tapestry of rich sounds, this single is a slice of Ed Prosek at his very finest.

“I often write about love, family, living so far away from where I was born, religion, death, but ‘Mercy’ is a song to my “Muses,” Ed explains in a press statement. “I’m kinda superstitious about writing music, and this song is sort of a love song, and an apology, to whatever mysterious force allows me to keep writing songs. I wrote it after a few months of being down and having trouble writing, this song helped me breakthrough that. I like to take complex, classically influenced concepts and musical ideas and make them sound simple and accessible.”

Ed's EP Flesh & Blood Part Two is being released later this year, three years since part one.

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