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Maeta takes "Payback" to a whole new level [Video]

Emerging R&B act Maeta shares the third installment of her Do Not Disturb EP music video series in the form of this new release titled "Payback." As the title suggests, this is Maeta in full revenge mode as she makes her cheating ex regret his shady dealings. She details her experience with a huge dose of sassiness and a pinch of regret over the smooth upbeat melody. This is far from a sob song but rather a form of self-empowerment for the singer after experiencing heartbreak.

This latest video continues from her recent release "Press Play" centered around Maeta and her unfaithful love interest played by artist and model Jaero. The video for "Payback" follows the aftermath of her breakup and is distinctly shot with different aesthetics showing the progression of Maeta's makeover. Switching between the crisp hi-def shots to the DIY styled captures, the video keeps the viewer engaged with the mild theatrics going on with Maeta and her friends. It's quite fun and kinda has a pimp my ex-girlfriend type vibe.  

"Payback" is taken from the Listen to the  Do Not Disturb EP.

Connect with  Maeta: Soundcloud | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram

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