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Connie Diiamond and Nyemiah Supreme trade bars over Mr. Cheeks' "Lights Camera Action Remix"

New York emcees Connie Diiamond and Nyemiah Supreme once again show up to verbally decimate the opposition with a brand new entry in their ongoing freestyle series. They did it over the Koffee/Busta Rhymes' "Toast/Put Your Eyes Where My Eyes Could See" instrumental but now they take us to the early 2000s over this oft-forgotten club hit "Lights Camera Action Remix" by Mr. Cheeks (Of The Lost Boyz fame).

From the start, the lyrical assasins do away with fancy hooks or gimmicks and deliver verbal headshots with punchlines after punchlines. Nyemiah Supreme quips "...Ain't no bitch touching me/ Birthing all these bitches and I ain't suing for custody.." with a devil may care demeanor as Connie Diiamond follows up with the proclamation "...You'll never catch me in a drought, facts/ 'cos I know how to put my money where my mouth at...". The verbal fest continues as the duo flow in tandem with a unique form of chemistry and knack for cocky lines. 

The video is pretty straightforward and focuses on the ladies' performance for the first half before switching to a smooth dance choreography to close things out. Looking back I must admit that the beat for "Lights Camera Action Remix"  is freaking awesome and we must give props to producer Bink for that. From the infectious groove, sparkling guitar riffs and anthemic horns that liven up the chorus section, the instrumental is more than serviceable but quite epic for lack of a better word.

Connie Diiamond and Nyemiah Supreme are currently working on their upcoming EP Slick talk.

Connect with Connie Diiamond: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Connect with  Nyemiah Supreme: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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