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Phillipe releases his new EP and gives us a '4 for 4 Mil Ticket'

Phillipe, an extremely versatile artist based out of Hershey, Pennsylvania, released his new intriguing EP, 4 for 4 Mil Ticket.  Beautifully blending EDM, Pop, Hip-Hop, and Rap in one project, he shows his unique twist and take that is present in his music.

Opening the EP with the track "Alive," Phillipe demonstrates his immeasurable creativity. Giving us a dream-like vibe, this artist definitely does justice to the title by making us feel something powerful and awakening our souls. This song allows us to come alive through the music. Both the energetic beats and the softly sung lyrics create a distinct track that will make everyone want to dance and sing along. Phillipe does a brilliant job igniting a fire within all of us and, in turn, makes us want to replay this song over and over again so that we can feel good. 
The 3rd track "Regime," featuring Lil Almighty, portrays this artist's incredible ability to create hip-hop music as well as other genres. The fiery beats and cleverly-crafted lyrics have the ability to stir our emotions and make us believe that we are capable of achieving anything. Phillipe clearly shows that he isn't here to mess around, but instead, he is here to motivate and to influence in a non-conforming way.
Connect with Phillipe: Spotify | Twitter |Instagram 
Hip-Hop · Pop · Rap


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