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Amethysts illuminate the light at the end of every tunnel on "PMD" [Exclusive]

While most newlyweds spend their oncoming days reveling in the peace and quiet that is the post-wedding bubble, recently married indie-pop duo Amethysts waste no such time. Their newest single "PMD"—streaming exclusively on EARMILK today— lovingly encapsulates the airy feeling of a life put together by little moments and big leaps. 

Every instrumental arrangement is meticulously chosen for a sole purpose, it would seem. The fragmented guitar loops become little droplets of joy that carefully wash the punchy drums of their drama. Layers of melodic sighs and hand-struck synths make the production feel weightless, imitating the duo's desire to strike inspiration and self-reflection:  "When you become a diamond you'll see why life had to pressure you; you wouldn't be a diamond without having been through all the rough." Though that's their official press statement, it is a mere scratch on the surface of "PMD". This is a track that lives in the pulsating beat and the urgent oscillation of the evolving synths. Its lyrics, while well-intentioned, slink to the background in the face of the much louder and brighter composition. 

"Pressure Makes Diamonds" is a rare form of music that you can start seeing with your eyes closed, bridging paths and networks to memories and feelings you forgot you had. A diamond in the rough it may be, but there is certainly nothing rough about it. 

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