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East London producer Stark releases cinematic new single "Trumpets"

There's a refreshing feeling when a creative risk is taken on any musical endeavor, whether that's bold instrumentation, progressive lyrical content or out-of-the-box vocal stylings. Today we're introducing East London producer and songwriter Stark who is taking his own creative talents and channeling them into his debut record "Trumpets" for a cinematic take on pop music. "Trumpets" is an eclectic mix of layers of orchestral percussion, brassy tones, and you guessed it lots of Trumpets used to build the theatrical emotional element of the dark pop record.

In collaboration with rising soul singer Kestra, the pair deliver what sounds like a record out straight from a film score. The single plays into grand cinematic detail from the get go, as drums crash and strings soar in the background. Sounds and textures combine to draw you into the lyrical story. Over email, Stark explains, "I knew I wanted to include lots of film score elements in this trackI think it came out with a bit of a regal, almost war-like feel in the end. Brass is a really good texture for that. Of course, I'm lucky to be working with some of the most exciting new vocalists in London. Kestra definitely added an extra spoonful of drama into the mix." Listen above! 

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