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Vincent Darby triumphs on second single "Baby Oh I"

R&B has always explored artists' most personal narratives, and it's this vulnerability that makes it so compelling. Stepping into the fray to dutifully reiterate us how raw, emotionally rich and expressive the genre can be; alternative R&B artist and Birmingham-native, Vincent Darby is unafraid to wear his heart on his sleeve in "Baby Oh I."

Stunning from the first few seconds, and holding your attention firmly throughout, 19-year-old Darby performs with the musical and lyrical maturity of a seasoned veteran. Layers of sweeping production gently lap at your ears, building towards a colourful crescendo but what shines brightest is his voice, which carries a sweetly gritty timbre and delivers the message of "love is here to stay" with dutiful emotion.

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