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Very Very sets fire to heartbreak in debut single "Badlands"

Something in Very Very’s voice hit me hard this week. I believe it’s the singular depth and texture that oozes from her new single “Badlands”. The Toronto-singer ironically pairs her official debut single about recovering from a relationships’ end with this national day of love.


Love it or hate it, today is Valentine’s Day. If you are feeling choked by the commercialized, blinding reflection of candied heart decorations in store windows, “Badlands” is a realistically darker take on love's finality and the power of resilience in that end. In the single’s video, Very Very literally sets fire to her past, a beautiful metaphor for rising above and moving beyond heartache. With her hair tied back and a jerry can of gas, Very Very takes back her life. 

Very Very is at the centre of every track off of her upcoming EP - songwriter, producer, and singer. This further drives the notion of finding one’s own strength and owning one's ability. "Badlands" is not only a powerful image, its chorus sets fire to the heart of the lonely, the downtrodden, the hurting - encouraging a vigor to move forward. 

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