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Casii Stephan’s “Trapeze Artist” examines the highs and lows of social media

You will recognize Casii Stephan for her fiery, passionate vocals and bold, cinematic arrangements. With powerhouse vocals reminiscent of Sia meets Sam Smith and the ability to emit a subtle sense of authenticity, Stephan is a daring artist drawing listeners in from the get-go.

“Trapeze Artist” is an impassioned track that showcases Stephan's stunning songwriting. The track features vibrant, velvety vocals, swirling strings and gushing piano melodies. Stephan’s love for storytelling takes center stage in this latest release. Combining elements of Disney ballads with heart-wrenching R&B melodies, there are many layers to her work. In a press release, Stephan reveals inspiration for the track comes, “From finding love to accounts of racism. It's all there and it makes one feel like a trapeze artist swinging back and forth. It's a growth process to know how to process all of this information and what to do with it and know what I can reasonably do in the community I'm in. No one person can change the world”.

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