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Griff's inaugural 2020 single is made up of only the "Good Stuff" [Video]

It's the quiet ones you have to watch out for: an old cliché it may be, but it still holds truth in many aspects of life, especially the creative. In a suburban village outside of London, Sarah Faith Griffiths quietly resides with her parents, juggling her time between leading a regular teenage life and releasing self-produced tracks under the moniker Griff. Though young she may be (recently turned 19), her songwriting exudes a personality of self assuredness and mature observation. A feat hard to miss on her newest track, "Good Stuff." 

A poignant story of the "graduation goggles"—feeling nostalgic toward the select favourable memories in the face of a miserable experience—"Good Stuff" is a rare track that tackles heartbreak from a place of peace and reflection, rather than anger and despair. The simple piano notes give way to Griff's empowering vocals, quickly making you forget that they were there at all.

I had a chance to briefly catch up with her over the phone recently, and when asked about the artists that she looks up to, her answers started unraveling the shrouded puzzle of her own artistry. Lorde, Taylor Swift, Maggie Rogers, and Phoebe Bridgers were the first ones to come up. Powerful names, but for more enticing reasons than streaming numbers or record sales. They're names that are synonymous with individuality and the fearless mission to pursue your own vision. "I studied textiles in school and when it came to it, when I started creating visuals for the music, I never felt that authentic with whatever somebody else put on," she opens up about her hidden talent—costume design. "I make stuff on the side and I always bring them in and end up wearing it. It also means you’re wearing more unique stuff than whatever other pop girls are wearing." 

Of course, standing out in today's age is difficult enough, but creating something that resonates for an extended period of time can sometimes seem damn near impossible. Having only performed live a handful of times, Griff's biggest challenge remains to be letting go of her own perfection seeking notions. "It's really nerve wracking. When it comes to performing live, the most frustrating part is that you want it to just be the best ever, with perfect production and perfect lighting; you want everyone to come experience it in the best way." But if her recorded vocals are any indication, I will bet that any live performance is already safely nestled in the "best" category, simply because it's genuine and reminiscent of nobody else but her. Though she may still be gestating in the early days of her career, she's blissfully unconcerned with the pressures of her rising stardom. Rightly so, because as she likes to so pointedly say, "there’s still work to be done." 

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