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Chloe Kae of Kllo debuts solo tracks "Misconception" and "Recluse"

Ever since the release of the duo's early singles and EPs, Kllo have become a force to be reckoned with in the world of chill electronic pop. The two have been quickly growing their fan base with solid releases and consistent touring, but now we’re seeing Kllo's Chloe experimenting solo as Chloe Kae. "...it feels like the right time to step out on my own, connect with other artists and experiment a little more,” says Chloe of her solo project in a recent press release. 

Wasting no time, her double single sees Chloe teaming up with LA-based producer Machinedrum for a stunning track called “Misconception." Much in the vein of Kllo, Chloe Kae's vocals stand out with tons of warmth and emotion pouring out of her performance. Backed with intricate rhythm and texture, the music behind the tender vocals drives the track forward through all the feelings and tension swirling around in melody.

Paired with "Misconception" is a track called "Recluse." Getting more in our feelings simply with the title of the song, "Recluse" meets every expectation of being that icy, introspective, electronic R&B-infused goodness that fans crave from anything Chloe related. Hopefully the sentiment and nostalgia brought by Chloe Kae’s debut singles leads to more great solo releases. Both “Misconception” and “Recluse” are out now via Good Manners Records.

Connect with Chloe Kae: Spotify | Facebook | InstagramTwitter

Connect with Kllo: Website | Spotify | SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter

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