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Jerro shines on his first official remix of Lane 8's "Road"

As the first piano keys are struck on Lane 8's "Road", the air goes still with the humming energy of the track's effervescent chords. It's a feeling that strikes you immediately, shadowing you for the entirety of the track's four-minute run. The same feeling that Belgian producer Jerro chases throughout his inaugural remix of this stirring piece. 

Where most remixes may chop up the vocals or cut them down to fit their high-energy tones, Jerro puts Arctic Lakes' graceful voice at the forefront, where it belongs. The chords don't stray too far from their originators, though he delicately builds them up on top of each other to form an infinite loop of arching melodies. Rather than try to emulate the piano keys Lane 8 so seamlessly embellished, Jerro makes this track his own through subtle additions. A punchy kick drum, a sped up tempo, trailed by those dynamic synths keeping everything in balance. It's a track that can simultaneously make you break down and cry, or break out in dance. 

When we last heard of Jerro, he just released his sophomore EP under Lane 8's This Never Happened label. It seems that the Hasselt native has been fully welcomed into the family since, as he is slated to appear alongside the American producer on his Brightest Lights tour this May. But it doesn't take an endorsement from a world touring artist to be able to see that Jerro is here to stay, and he's only just getting started. 

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