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Schacke's "Artificial Intercourse" exudes other-worldly energy

Schacke’s latest EP, Artificial Intercourse, via Instruments Of Discipline, is described as an “erotic, off-world flash”. Although worlds away from 2019’s track of the year, “Kisloty People”, the four-track EP offers an insight into a completely different side of the Copenhagen based DJ and producer.

The first track off the EP, “All Over My Body” has a distinctly ambient sound to it. It’s filled with gentle noises that sound like they’re straight from outside, and paired with a whispering vocal - “all over my body”. It’s eerie, and almost unsettling, but this is what makes the track fit in so well with the remainder of the EP, despite the complete change in pace.

Both “Like That” and “Cybernetic Seduction” instantly ramp it up a level, bringing things back towards the Schacke we are so familiar with. The broken and distorted vocals in “Like That” continue the eerie-ness that came through so strongly in “All Over My Body”, except the relentless bassline gives this track a more club-ready vibe to it. “Cybernetic Seduction” remains a peak-time melter; the kind that completely sweeps up a dancefloor, with the break at 1:57 being one capable of creating utter pandemonium.

The final track on the EP, “Dissonant Child” almost feels like a love-child of all of the prior tracks combined. It’s not as relaxed as “All Over My Body”, but it also isn’t as intense as “Like That” or “Cybernetic Energy”. It keeps the slightly unnerving, other-worldly sound that links each track together so nicely; a perfect combination of each of the tracks, and an impeccable way to draw the EP to a close.

Artificial Intercourse can be streamed via Soundcloud, or purchased via Bandcamp.

Connect with Schacke: Spotify | Facebook | Instagram

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