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Kut One and King Magnetic team up for the gritty "Which One's First?"

Australian producer Kut One shares the inaugural tune from his forthcoming producer compilation titled Live Wires, due out March 20. The track is a hard-hitting banger titled "Which One's First?" that features PA’s rap vet King Magnetic. The single perfectly demonstrates exactly what listeners can expect when they hear the full project in March because both the producer and his guest come through with guns blazing.

For King Mag’s part, the Allentown representative brings some of his most aggressive, braggadocious bars as he asks his enemies to decide what they want first—bad news or bullets. Of course, the emcee’s murderous rhymes wouldn’t be quite as potent without the right canvas, and Kut brings the proverbial heat. The instrumental is layered masterfully with chilling piano stabs, haunting vocal loops, and drums that will knock the dust off your speakers. It’s basically everything you’d want from Kut and King Mag. The upcoming Live Wires compilation comes on the heels of his well-received two-part series titled The Icons, where he paired his production skills with veteran emcees Neek the Exotic and Nine. In addition to King Magnetic, Live Wires also boasts guest features from the likes of Rockness Monsta, Daniel Son, Recognize Ali, Kwest Tha Madd Lad, ILL Conscious and more. 

The ten-track LP is available now for pre-order here.


01. Active Shooter (feat. Kwest Tha Madd Lad)

02. Despise the 85 (feat. ILL Conscious)

03. Experience the Best Teacher (feat. Ciecmate)

04. Which One’s First? (feat. King Magnetic)

05. The Chosen One (feat. Recognize Ali)

06. WeeBey (feat. Daniel Son) 

07. Fake Fancy (feat. Rockness Monsta)

08. No Fear (feat. Supreme Cerebral)

09. Thought Patterns (feat. Thamson.P)

10. The Wrath of Dr. Brainfreeze (feat. Freak Tha Monsta & Miggs Son)

Connect with Kut One: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Connect with  King MagneticFacebookSpotify | Twitter | Instagram

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