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Emerson Leif promotes self-love on "Next2"

In an age that promotes thicker skin through social media-induced self-doubt, the tender side of life tends to get overlooked in all the noise. Finding a healthy vulnerability in the musical process, and inadvertently encouraging his audience to live vicariously in that moment, Australian artist Emerson Leif is excelling in his antithesis on the lucid "Next2".

Backed by rattling lo-fi drums, some truly luscious chords and a little help from collaborator and closer personal friend Golden Vessel, Leif harmoniously follows "Wake Up With You" from late last year, offering the next chapter in the story of his debut EP.  Speaking to the track via email, he stated that "it is one of those songs where the music, lyrics and emotional intent are effortlessly cohesive." Going on to note that the fuel that made it happen was "realising you are valuable and loved. It’s about overcoming the fear of not being enough and embracing vulnerability through the process." A necessary observation indeed, and  - save "Next2" here, as his forthcoming EP will no doubt be something to behold.

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Indie · Indie Pop · R&B


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