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Pritt excels on Carnatic R&B crossover "Tunnel Vision"

Artists will always interpolate elements of the music that they grew up with whether they realise it or not, and the natural crossover of artists with multiple cultural backgrounds can often be truly something to behold. Raised amongst the colourful culture of South London, and of Tamil descent, songstress Pritt unites the two poles of her upbringing together with masterful ease, for a crossover unlike any other.

Pulling emotions and contemporary R&B stylings from the urban culture of London, and fusing them with melody-heavy Carnatic vocals on latest, the mystifying "Tunnel Vision", Pritt has truly excelled in her efforts. Lyrically it touches on an impulse we all can no doubt relate to, the devastation of being cheated on and the ensuing aftermath. Speaking to the titular metaphor, she encourages you to see beyond the circumstances, "Having no luck in your love life has made you feel like you have been looking at life like tunnel vision but what if that’s just an illusion?"

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