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"ORIENTATION" by Slodown, Bohan Phoenix, and 9m88 is an ode to Asian heritage

Slodown, Bohan Phoenix, and 9m88 just released "ORIENTATION" on January 24, the eve of Lunar New Year. The track is a brutally honest exploration into the Asian identity away from home, and it is gracefully executed.

Sonically, "ORIENTATION" builds bridges by interlacing Chinese traditional instruments with a contemporary R&B framework. Atop the underlying nostalgic composition, is a rich tapestry of raw lyricism, channeling the innate frustrations, struggles and an overarching desire to put love above all albeit all negativities. From unfair representations of Asians on media to the common experiences that Asian women being fetishized, Slodown and 9m88 tell the listeners it is about time to say no to these things and embrace Asian pride with their smooth vocal delivery, while Bohan shifts back the focus on love and understanding. 

The powerful collaborative effort sees the trio deliver contagious emotions and allure, and the genuine intentions behind make it even more special. Buy/stream the track here.

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