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J. Luke Cloutier enters the stage with catchy and intricate debut single "Drown"

In his debut single, Connecticut based singer J. Luke Cloutier begins to pave his way in the indie-pop genre. “Drown” isn’t a moody, minor chord- stricken ballad as the name suggests. It’s a single with an upbeat, instrumentally intricate foundation that catches the attention of a listener within the first verse.

The song tackles the “difficulty of building a relationship as a young person while also having dreams that you want to chase.” Recorded in Silver Bullet Studios, Cloutier collaborated with Alex Newport, known for his production work on Death Cab For Cutie’s Narrow Stairs. It’s this partnership that produced that instrumental heavy mixing that makes this indie jam a great listen for a chill to a softer pop playlist. Now that Cloutier has emerged, I'm excited to hear more of his work. 

Connect with J. Luke Cloutier: Instagram | Twitter | Spotify

Indie · Indie Pop


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