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Fly By Midnight slow down for the softly delivered "The Ad Above Your Head"

The prominence of streaming platforms has raised its fair share of concerns over the past decade, from fair compensation to decreased attention span and everything else in between. It has also radically changed the concept of timed releases. While some artists still like to abide by traditional schedules, others have used the opportunity to stay even more connected with their fans, releasing one-off singles just because they can. NYC's indie pop duo Fly By Midnight does just that with their newest track "Ad Above Your Head". 

Having just released their most recent album Happy About Everything Else... in November, "Ad Above Your Head" is a welcome respite from the endless winter that seems to only have just started. Tapping into their warmer sensibilities, they embellish gently strummed guitar chords with delayed percussions. With the production kept clean and simple, they're able to invoke emotion with something a little more rare these days—their vocals. Softly grazing over the luscious bed of sound, they narrate a familiar story of failing to seize a chance encounter. "The concept of the song revolves around being intrigued by a stranger and the questions that come to mind after you both go your separate ways," Justin recounts. "Will you remember what this person looks like after this? Could you two have been something more than a momentary glance if you would have said something?"

Fine-tuning the track with vocal harmonies chanting "All I remember is the ad above your head", the duo submits to a side of pop they don't frequently explore. A little more subdued yet equally enchanting. And though their lyrical vision of admiring someone on a subway (with a poster ad above their head) is quite literal, I believe it holds untapped depth. Because just like an ad, we encounter hundreds of faces with only a superficial idea of what their true story is. And if we can't click through for more details, then all we'll ever remember is the ad above their head. 

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Alt-Pop · Indie Pop


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