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Anamoe Drive says "Goodbye & Goodluck"

Anamoe Drive is not what you'd typically expect from Oisín Furlong. The Dublin singer-songwriter is usually a little more abrasive – his grunge punk band Thumper are practically an institution in Dublin. But "Goodbye & Goodluck" presents a gentler picture, in what is hopefully the first of many new solo releases from Furlong.  

The single is simple and sweet, and trades in cutting guitar for a delicate melody. "Goobdye & Goodluck"  was "originally intended to be a the first of a series of phone recordings I would release," Furlong writes. "The song was gradually brought out of itself over a series of months by producer Brendan McGlynn, creating an entirely different sound than the solo sound I was imagining. Anamoe Drive will be a reaction to this new sound - intimate songwriting, coupled with full arrangements."

Feature image by Ali Waters. 

Alternative · Indie


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