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Crimson Apple is so "Sorry Now"

The alt-pop quartet Crimson Apple just released their powerful new video for “Sorry Now” and it perfectly fits with their strong visuals, defiant music, and overall girl-power aesthetic.

Crimson Apple, made up of a group of Hawaiian-born sisters, is nothing more divine than blood harmonies. These sisters have voices that blend so perfectly together, but they each have their own character. Slow, deep verses move into quick and catchy choruses. Even though the song is titled “Sorry Now,” it’s a celebration of removing the toxic people from your life. You can feel their K-pop inspiration seeping through the cracks, but it has a darkness to it.

The video, directed by Derek Nguyen, has the sisters stranded in the desert in an alternate reality. They find themselves at an elaborately set table with black table cloths, gold candelabras, and red roses. A red smoke encompasses them, but our goth-pop queens aren’t phased. The smoke represents someone who betrayed them. In a press release issued for the video, Crimson Apple explained, “Throughout the video, it becomes clear that the red smoke is poisoning us, and there is a range of emotions and imagery that tells a story of overcoming this negative force.” The girls always look geared up for battle and it's clear they're taking no prisoners.

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