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PuffHost drops "20 Somethings" anthem [Video Premiere]

Listeners of all ages are tall enough to ride "20 Somethings," the latest wave from Nashville indie hip pop duo—and presumable 20-somethings—PuffHost. While the magnetic hook and well-crafted bars are universally enthralling, folks from the titular age range, and millennials in general, should especially resonate with the references to excessive avocado toast consumption and paying off those ungodly student loans.

I found myself under PuffHost's spell right from the jump on "20 Somethings." The beat (and chorus) explode from the speakers right away, immediately launching into perhaps the most memorable line from the song: "All my friends are lonely, all my friends are broke / They spend all of their money on avocado toast." Somehow the avo' toast trend is still a thing, so this refrain—and PuffHost's blow-up avocado suits—should hit home with most people, regardless of which side of the fence you're on.

Ethan Rose, the one spitting the sixteens on this one, delivers some clever lines about the plight of the average 20-something. Both he and the other half of the group, Myke Wilken, do a nice job of meshing hip hop with pop. Overall, the sound is reminiscent of Twenty One Pilots, but even more nostalgic. These '90s kids are big on taking it back to the good ol' days; for example, take their wildly popular "Recess" video.

If you're rocking with PuffHost, you can stream and purchase the track/video via the link below. The year is young, so expect more from these avocado-loving dudes in the coming months!

Stream/Purchase "20 Somethings"

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