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Moon Bounce makes a stirring return, hoping to be "Better Now" [Video]

It has been three years since we last heard from the eclectic jack of all musical trades Moon Bounce (née Corey Regensburg). While we were dealing with the silence, he admittedly was dealing with something a little more demanding- anxiety. But like any passionate artist, he used the time to channel his newfound questions and roaming thoughts into his sophomore LP, Skip Intro. But before its February 21st release, he gives us a sneak peak with the music video for his latest single "Better Now". 

The video poses a compelling dynamic, where the energy from the track feeds off of the energy of the visuals—and vice versa. Muted yet alive, "Better Now" constantly feels like it's right on the verge of bursting but is weighed down by its own depth. Crackling effects and laser chirps playfully flit to and fro atop a beating percussion, as Regensburg calmly delivers his heavy-set lyrics in a digitally altered voice—"I’m sick, I’m sick, I’m nervous | Can’t figure out a way to rehearse this | Leave it to a professional | Ask me about my childhood, ask me if I’m better now."

His confession doesn't dampen the overall look and feel of "Better Now", though. In truth, it enlivens it, giving it a purpose greater than just a well-produced track. "[This song] is a distillation of mounting anxiety relating to my aversion to pleasantries/introductions when meeting with a new therapist," he explains. "I tend to want to hurdle the bullshit and get straight to topics of importance." Sharing the experience not only in audial but in visual form as well, 3-D rendered figures make up Regensburg's narrative in this complex, dark video. Not everything is explained or perhaps even understood, but that is the point, isn't it? The fear of being misunderstood and the desire to simply be heard. All I can say is: he's got our attention. And we're ready to listen. 

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