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Rob Hicks takes us on a thrilling "Midnight Maraude"

Rob Hicks is back bringing the heat with a fresh start in 2020. After a brief hiatus in 2019, the Wisconsin artist has released a new track called "Midnight Maraude." Hicks is back with impressive new music that has witty songwriting and interesting production. This new track will take the audience on a wild adventure as soon as the clock strikes midnight. 

"Midnight Maraude" is filled with mysterious vibes, mostly due to the beats and the quick way that Rob Hicks is able to rap. This whole track metaphorical to its title: nighttime is completely unknown, no one can see where they're going in the darkness. Analogously, this track gives you that same feeling of obscurity through the lyrics, which warn you about what happens throughout the night, and the production, which brilliantly ties that same spine-chilling vibe with the lyrics. While stirring up your fear, this song also gives you a sense of excitement because no one knows what to expect next.
With an impeccable flow, distinct voice, and his ability to rap speedily, Rob Hicks keeps everyone's ears glued to the music. Managing to hold his audience curious and on edge, the listeners can't wait to see what comes alive once the morning arrives. All we know is that whatever is coming feels all-powerful. 
Connect with Rob Hicks: Twitter | Instagram 
Hip-Hop · Rap


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