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Rapta recharges on "Energy Therapy"

Spending the latter part of his adolescence watching the meteoric rise of pop-trap crooners such as Travis Scott, Post Malone and Young Thug, native Bostonian and now Angelino, Rapta a relatively fresh face to the scene was deeply inspired. Using that groundbreaking success as an incentive to fuel his creative ambition, he's after his very own slice of that pie. With a strong helping of inspiration from those aforementioned modern icons, Rapta incorporates his own biting character and steps into 2020 with the introspective and melody-heavy "Energy Therapy".

Led by a silky smooth and ethereal at times guitar, Rapta lays down emotive bars that balance his sweet vocal timbre with the pensive lyrical narrative. Speaking on the release, he states that "I just feel like there was a lot I needed to get off my chest and for anyone trying to knock my blessings, I dedicate to you". With quality like this, let's hope there's more he needs to get off his chest this year.

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