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Artist Spotlight: St. Louis rapper Head releases new video for single "Die Today"

St. Louis rapper Head initially gained a buzz after the release of his debut single "Not Alone," in late October of 2019. Since then, the video has garnered over 1.2 million views on YouTube and has helped introduce the world to an exciting young new talent to hit the scene. Now, Head is back with a new video for his second release titled "Die Today" - a personal narrative that openly discusses the emotions and reactions circling death. 

"If I die today, God please take my soul / No funerals, party it up I'm going to forever live long."Die Today" is delivered through a passionate and vibrant vocal release as every lyric seems to hold a personal weight to him. Head's first debut track heard him tell the story of the passing of his little brother and now he's back with a similar raw authenticity and melodic rap style that showcases the young rapper's natural storytelling abilities. 

Connect with Head: Instagram 

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3 months ago

I love your songs