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Seafret revives the art of sad but hopeful in new single "Most of Us Are Strangers" [Video]

There is an unmistakable charm to the notion of "less is more" when it comes to music. It is a privileged bubble within which U.K's folk-pop duo Seafret exclusively reside. As two artists who can say more with just a voice and a guitar than most full-fledged productions, their artistic journey has blessed them with notable releases and the experience needed to venture out on their own. Which is exactly what they did with their forthcoming sophomore album, starting with the warm and forthright single, "Most Of Us Are Strangers". 

After leaving London and a major label behind, Jack Sedman and Harry Draper returned to their Bridlington hometown to find inspiration again amidst the calm of their humble beginnings. As "Most Of Us Are Strangers" eases into a guitar-plucked lullaby, the air feels weighted with a potent mix of melancholy and purpose. Sedman gently layers in his softly spoken musings, both narrative and uplifting in nature, striking a delicate balance between what is, and what could be. "[This single] is based around hiding emotions or troubles to save inflicting the worry on others," the duo explain. "We go about our daily lives interacting with the same friends, colleagues and loved ones, but most of time the appearance that we give is not a true reflection of how we may be feeling on the inside." 

The accompanying video, directed by Stuart Alexander, strives to capture this dichotomy of human interaction by portraying the revival of its lead characters as drops of rain wash away the black-and-white to reveal their true colour. It's a poignant reminder of the armour that we inadvertently don every day, sometimes forgetting to take it off when it matters. As the duo lovingly proclaim, “it’s ok to open up and it’s ok not to be ok." And if all you need is a gently caressed, rain-soaked melody to get you through it, look no further than Seafret's soothing notes. 

Seafret's sophomore album, Most Of Us Are Strangers, is due for release on March 13,  with tickets to their headlining European/UK show available for purchase here

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